Application Instruction


Below we have provided information that will assist you with; Types of Application, Methods of Application, Mixing and Tools/Supplies needed to properly apply Tite Coat Floor Coating.

Types of Application

There are basically three floor types applicable for Tite Coat Floor Coating. These are concrete floors, hardwood floors and particle board floors. 

Tite Coat may be applied to existing concrete and wood floors if these floors are: 

  • Void of any water damage (including but not limited to cracking, settling, rising or other evidence the floor has water damage).
  • Not contaminated by sealers, curing agents, oil, grease, or mastic.
  • Level with no noticable settling or soft spots.

If any of these issues are present we recomend a double layer Structurwood Laminated Floor. 

Application and Mixing Procedure


  • Two clean, dry garbage cans (30 gal. plastic preferred).
  • Clean buckets (can use 6 gal, part "A" buckets).
  • Buffer sander (if needed for sanding crack filler etc.).
  • Stirring paddles (1 x 3 board works well).
  • Round Metal Cleated shoes.
  • Organic vapor respirators.
  • Applicator brush.
  • Laquer thinner (also used for cleaning up).


  • One man to measure and mix TITE COAT.
  • One man to carry buckets of mixed TITE COAT onto the floor and pour in a stream as needed.
  • One man to spread TITE COAT as shown in sketch.


  •  Designate a mixing area and protect with a sheet of plastic.
  • Mix all the colorant thoroughly with an electric drill or a paint shaker. Make sure there is no settling or chunks in the can. If there are chunks they must be strained or mixed out.
  • TITE COAT must be mixed 6 parts of "A" to 1 part of "B". We have packaged TITE COAT to make mixing as easy as possible.
    --- TITE COAT "A" comes in 6 gallon pails. ---TITE COAT "B" comes in 1 gallon pails. --- Colorant comes in 1 quart cans.
    --- The standard mixing unit is 7 gallons, 6 gal. pail of "A" and 1 gal. pail of "B" and 1 quart of colorant. No colorant is used when mixing clear.
    --- You should have a small container (approx. 1 qt.) for mixing smaller amounts if needed at the end of a coat. Mix 6 parts of "A" to 1 part of "B". Add 1/2 fluid ounce of colorant per quart of urethane.
  • Set mixing tub in the middle of the mixing area and set all of the TITE COAT needed for 1 coat in separate mixing units around the tub. By doing this if the mixer should get distracted in the middle of mixing he can look at the unit he's been using and tell exactly what he has put in and what is left to add, thereby reducing the chance of a mixing error. 
  • AS PER PICTURE IN TOP LEFT Double or triple pigment may be needed for better hide if trying to change floor color with one coat or adding any stripping or special effect.
  • Open only as many cans as needed. Take the lids completely off. The 6 gallon pails when empty can be used to carry the mixed TITE COAT out onto the floor. The empty 1 gallon pail can be used to put the mixing stick into it to keep it from dripping on the floor.
  • When mixing, add the "A" first, the "B" second and the colorant last. Stir in a canoe paddling motion until the "A", "B" and the colorant have been fully blended. Colorant may be blended in part B prior to pouring into part A for quicker color dispensation.
  • TITE COAT is ready to use immediately after mixing and has a pot life of 15 to 30 minutes, depending upon temperature and color.
  • Pour about 3-1/2 gals. of mixed TITE COAT from the tub into each empty 6 gal. pail and hand them to the man on the floor who will be pouring.
  • The mixer should try not to step onto the floor being coated and the man doing the pouring should try not to step off. This is to reduce the chance of tracking dirt onto the floor. 

Caution: Be especially careful not to spill or step into the raw TITE COAT "B" and track it onto the floor. TITE COAT "B" will not dry by itself. 

  • Try not to mix too far ahead of the applicator and always use up TITE COAT in the sequence that it has been mixed i.e. (don't let a pail from the first batch sit and get hard while applying TITE COAT from the second).

NOTE: When the applicator reaches the middle of the floor, note how much material has been used. This will give you a good gauge on how much more will be needed.